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Going through some minor depression and lately have been reading books that remind me of simpler times.  I've been going through some young adult novels like there was no tomorrow and doing buying book binge this whole week.  I cannot stop and it's kinda sicking.  I started reading Shannon Hale.  I'm very upset that I didn't discover her sooner.  Just read The Goose Girl and Austenland and LOVED them both.  She's like a hidden secret that I just found out about.  Also, read  Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore and though not as good was still a great read.  The Iron King by Julie Kagawa is also an awesome read and was simlar to Hale due to the fairy tale aspect and I think that is what I am hungry for. I think I have found my niche for the year.  Getting away from the darker stuff and heading for fairy tale land.  I think I need some of that right now.  Some regency throw in there because after reading Austenland...Jane has the love part down pat. Hate fluffy though so if anyone has any suggestion I would like to hear them.

Bad Things

Mama likes! I'm sure this is already on everyone's blog

The buzz if all around. I'm excited!

Never Surrender

Working as a bookseller can become fustrating. Specially when you recommed books to customers and they in return do not heed my words.  When I play these tunes at work after closing the workers know I've had a rough day.  I will keep fighting the good fight.

   Good news.  Got promoted to store manager of a store that needs fixin'. Woohoo! 

Best. Book Video. Ever

Spook the jeepers out of me and it's a YA novel. ..Eep!

So gonna check this out.